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Training with us

The National Youthtrain Office holds regular staff training events in Bradford, normally charged at £35 per person.

In house training for organisations is charged at £350 a day for up to 10 people, £700 a day for up to 20 people (an additional charge may be made if Youthtrain trainers need to travel and stay overnight). 

We also hold regular standardisation events, which enable us to ensure that our verification process is consistent and meets the Quality Assurance requirements of OCN. These events are free to all participants.

Youthtrain Induction Training for Professionals Working with Young People

Youthtrain regularly holds one-day induction training events aimed at professionals working with young people, who wish to deliver accredited training via Youthtrain. The training includes a general overview of Youthtrain; assessment methods; creative portfolio building; how to enable young people to achieve Qualifications through building credits and an overview of Open College Network.

Support to organisations delivering Youthtrain programmes.

Youthtrain offers support in the form of advice, guidance, information and provision of appropriate resources to each of its delivery partners to ensure that the programme is delivered to a high standard.  

For more information please contact Julie Woodhurst or Becky Hutchinson.

Youthtrain began in 1998 as a European Social Funded Partnership...
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What workers have said:

"Easily understood and good, clear info leaflets provided"

"Informal, informative, relaxed"

"I felt positive and motivated at the end of the training."

"Developed my understanding of accreditation"
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