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The Youthtrain 

Youthtrain accredited courses are designed to be flexible and adaptable so that they can be used in a wide range of situations and settings, including distance learning and

 with people of all ages and abilities. It offers bite-sized taster units, which can be achieved in 10 hours of guided learning time, alongside more in-depth, subject specific units, which can be achieved in 20 or 30 hours of learning. Depending on which units are used, young people can achieve nationally recognised qualifications.

 Accreditation and Qualification Opportunities for Young People

Youthtrain offers Awards, Certificates Certificates and Diplomas from two major Qualification frameworks validated by OCNYHR:

(1) Skills for Further learning and Employment:
Aimed at young people and adult learners from the age of 14

(2) Qualifications in Progression:
Aimed at young people and adult learners from the age of 16


Please contact Youthtrain for further information about how to use these Qualification frameworks.

Youthtrain began in 1998 as a European Social Funded Partnership...
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Young people's views:

"I learned how to use my creative skills and I am more open and enjoy talking to people"

"My confidence has grown"

"I have learned a lot of different skills"

"I have enjoyed all the team work, it was fun!"

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